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Description[edit | edit source]

Soldiers are military experts, trained to expertly scope out a field of battle. In addition to this tactical knowledge, soldiers have honed their bodies to near physical perfection, creating in themselves a warrior class of the highest degree.

Soldiers are initially trained with simple blades. As they ascend the ranks, soldiers are given the opportunity expand their weapons arsenal. They may choose to specialize in spears and polearms, axes, or blunt weaponry.

If you enjoy playing a character that can dole out as much damage as they receive, the soldier class will satisfy your primal battle instincts.

"Life's pretty simple: Eat, sleep, and stick your enemies with the pointy end of your blade. Everything else is just a luxury."

Hardened by years of training and eager to prove their worth on the battlefield, soldiers acted as the first line of defence against intruders and the last resort when diplomatic relations failed amongst the various opposing factions on the Homeworld.

During their initial recruitment, soldiers were tested extensively to prove their strength of mind and body. Basic training consisted of gruelling months of physical labour coupled with a brutal melee combat training regime; many soldiers cracked under the intense pressure. For those who passed, the final test before being deemed battle-worthy was a trek across the Homeworld's largest desert, where only the most tough-skinned soldiers survived the dangerous sandbeasts and the long hours without rest or nourishment.

Structurally, soldiers organized themselves into a simple military ranking system, with older, more experienced soldiers training new members and laying out battle plans. To ascend the ranks, soldiers were expected to master their basic weapon, the blade, and select their battle focus, be it agility, defence or power.

Their government-assigned purpose on Destiny was to maintain order and civility during the initial stabilization of the new colony. Instead, they have found themselves tasked with protecting the other colonists from the monsters that lurk beneath Velyria.

Class Advancements[edit | edit source]

Fighter[edit | edit source]
Fighter Fighters live for battle, swinging their mighty axes and over-powering their enemies through their formidable strength. It won't matter that their defence is low when a single stroke cleaves their enemies in twain.
Knight[edit | edit source]
Knight In battle, knights prioritize defence and healing buffs, wearing their enemies down with a steady onslaught of attacks. Wielding hammers and other blunt weapons, Knights can survive the toughest monsters Velyria can dole out.
Lancer[edit | edit source]
Lancer Lancers target and exploit enemy weakspots, allowing them to take on multiple enemies at once. Lancers expertly weave through hordes of monsters, stabbing their foes with sharpened spears and leaving havoc and destruction in their wake.

Soldier Skills[edit | edit source]

Soldier skills focus on dealing damage with blades and building a proper defence to deal with oncoming enemy attacks.

Soldier Skills

Expect hundreds of in-game skills that revolve around the soldier's several advancements and weapon choices!

Soldier Weaponry[edit | edit source]

Blades[edit | edit source]
Blades Forged from the highest quality steel the Homeworld had to offer, blades shine as a magnificent example of how deadly fine craftsmanship can be. Their razor-sharp edges are ideal for slicing through your enemies in close combat.
Axes[edit | edit source]
Axes In the heat of battle, axes allow for increased mobility while doling out vicious attacks. When hacking and slashing through a throng of monsters, axes will help quench your blood lust.
Hammers and Blunt Weapons[edit | edit source]
Hammers Simple, yet effective, hammers unleash unholy hell upon the unfortunate souls caught in their path. Crushing armour and shattering bone, blunt weapons are ideal for slow, steady combat.
Spears and Polearms[edit | edit source]
Spears Excellent for mid-ranged combat, spears stab through the hardest of shells, shredding your enemy's innards upon removal. Unleash a whirlwind of furious attacks with a sturdy polearm and your enemy will be incapacitated quickly and efficiently.